91 million* adult Americans struggle to access, understand, and use their health information.

* That’s nearly 1/3 of all adults in the USA.
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We help families make informed health decisions, guide evidence-based healthcare system policies and practices, and educate and train aspiring and current health information professionals.

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Understanding the Dynamics of Low Health Literacy

[[UL]Understanding the Dynamics of Low Health Literacy]

76% of consumers report that they do not leave their doctor’s office on a positive note.

[[UL]Understanding the Dynamics of Low Health Literacy]

74% of Spanish-speaking patients have less-than-adequate health literacy as compared to 7% of English-speaking patients

[[UL]Understanding the Dynamics of Low Health Literacy]

Low health literacy is estimated to cost the U.S economy $236 billion every year.

[[UL]Understanding the Dynamics of Low Health Literacy]

Studies have consistently linked low health literacy with poor health outcomes, including non-adherence to treatment plans, poor self-care, high costs, and increased risk of hospitalization and mortality.

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Through our Health Literacy for Health EquityTM initiative, we have an extraordinary opportunity to place people at the center of their own health journeys and tell great stories. Here is how you can help!

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